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In-video Quiz API?

are there any APIs for Panopto Quizzing? (questions, responses, etc...)


  • Hiroshi OhnoHiroshi Ohno Panopto Employee

    Hi Jairo,

    Thank you for asking this question. At this time, we don't have public API to access quiz information. We are going to consider this in the future release.

  • Very much second the need for a Quiz API. Is there any way of accessing the quiz data other than manually dumping the results video by video?

  • Mark BrewsalaMark Brewsala Panopto Employee

    Hello Dmitry and Jairo,

    It is possible to download quiz results by API (just not to manipulate quiz definitions). To obtain a url for the quiz result CSV download, please use this SOAP API:

    There are two styles of reports: aggregates over all quizzes in a video and details for each quiz. Once you have the link, you may programatically download and process the CSV reports.

    Currently this is available on a per-video basis. Aggregated quiz results across videos is currently unsupported. Dmitry, do you have a need for such aggregation, and if so can you please describe the scenario?



  • Thanks! I'm working in Python, and have to admit that I've never tried to interact with a SOAP API before, but I'll poke at it. I do have a use case for aggregation: I'm assigning students sets of videos to watch each week, with embedded quizzes in each video. I don't care about correctness of responses (and so don't want to associate a grade with them), but want to see a weekly report of which students responded to which questions.

    However, if I figure out how to use this API, then I should be able to do the aggregation myself. Thanks very much for pointing me in the right direction.

  • Mark BrewsalaMark Brewsala Panopto Employee

    Hi Dmitry,

    I'm glad you've got a path forward! Please have a look at this repo, especially the examples folder, for an approach of how you might leverage SOAP APIs from Python:



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