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Webcasting presenter permissions

We've been asked to run an online conference and one of the software solutions on the table is Panopto. To this end, I have some questions regarding the webcasting functionality.

1.) How does one transfer presenter permissions during a session?

2.) How can the join link be made to persist even after the presenter has left (in case of a disconnect)?

As is, it seems there's no way to share a link in advance of a session and test to see if it works. The moment the presenters leave, the live session terminates. Similarly, if multiple presenters connect, they seem to join an invisible queue. The moment the current presenter leaves, the next one is able to control the stream. It's all very unintuitive, is this something the product was not designed to do?


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    It was designed to host one presenter per Webcast. It works great for an instructor presenting to their students, but in your case something like Zoom is probably going to be more suited. The only real downside I have found with the Webcast feature is that it isn't super intuitive to switch between secondary streams and the delay. When using the desktop recorder it is ~10 seconds usually, and it is just a bit too long. Having it be somewhere in the second or two range would be amazing, but that would require swapping the protocol.
    We have found some success in live streaming from a Zoom Meeting/Webinar to a Panopto Webcast as an overflow space. It works great for how we have used it. Though the quality really leaves something to be desired with Zoom cloud recordings/live streams, but that isn't the end of the world.
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