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Folders display total videos including subfolder videos

There may be some good logic behind this that I am not seeing but it would be nice if when you're viewing the folders in Panopto they showed you the total number of videos in that folder including what's in the subfolders. Looking at the folder structure from the root is misleading as it shows only what's in the current folder and excludes subfolders so you then have to click into the folder to see how many videos are in those subfolders and so on. I'm not sure that logic makes a lot of sense, I think this is Windows logic that even in the Operating System all these years never made sense to me, it's not helpful. I could be wrong

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    I like that that location is only "direct" sessions. I would, however like locations like the Usage page and the Analytics page for a given folder should at least include this information (number of sessions contained directly, total number of folders contained, total number of sessions, directly contained view count, total view count, etc.)

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