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Allow quiz retake

I am using Panopto with quizzes on D2L. Students are having problems with the quizzes I included in Panopto. When the students jump forward through the presentation, they are taking quizzes before having viewed the video explanations. So, I changed the quiz questions to allow students to retake the quiz. Only problem is that students are reporting that they cannot retake the quizzes. A similar problem happens when they stop partway through a presentation and finish later -- a partial grade is reported to D2L, then when the student goes to finish, their final grade on the item does not go through to D2L.


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    Dr. Bernstein

    A few things to check :

    • If you have multiple questions spread throughout the video at multiple time intervals, make sure all the quizzes have the "allow viewers to retake the quiz" checked.
    • Also, if you don't want students to advance until the take a quiz, make sure to set the "Block advancing in the video until answering this quiz", again, make sure it is set the same in all quizzes.
    • Usually, every time that a student takes the quiz, the grade will be automatically updated in the associated D2L gradebook item.
    • There are some additional pointers in this document: https://mtsu.edu/businesslab/documents/PanoptoQuizInstructions.pdf
    • I tested this in my class, and when the student retakes the quiz(zes), it automatically updates the grade the last score.
    • Make sure the student clicks Retake to retake the quizzes already answered.
    • Also, if the the video has two or more quizzes, and the student retakes just the first quiz, and closes the video, the grade doesn't upgrade. The student must take the last quiz in the video for the grade to upgrade. The grade seems to be updated after taking the last quiz in the video.
    • The "Block advancing..." setting works per viewing session. So, if I watch the video and try to advanced past the first quiz, it will stop and show the first qiz. Once I retake it, i can go back to the beginning of the video all the way and click past the first quiz and it will let me! Because I already answered the first quiz in this session. But if I try to click past the second quiz, it will not let me,, it will show the second quiz. After I take the second (and last) quiz, I can click anywhere in the video! The grade will update in D2L with the new score.
    • So, if a student wants to retake a quiz, probably the best option is to start from the beginning and retake each quiz for the grade to upgrade! Notice that you don't have to finish the video for the grade to update. One simple way to do this is to go to the Contents and click on the quizzes one by one, or just keep advancing on the video, it will stop for each quiz automatically (if you set "Block advancing".. Remember this works per viewing session!

    I hope this helps! I am available if you have more questions

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