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Smart Chapters + Slide Import

I would like to request that the Smart Chapters feature be expanded to recognize slide content from an uploaded slide deck. This would make it so users don't need to manually tag locations if Panopto wasn't used to record. The OCR is there, and if the slide contents were also uploaded by the user, (try to) pair the two when the deck is uploaded.

As it stands, the feature seems to be good, but this would make it a game changer!

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    That would also be great when you're using remote recorder on a separate computer to do the recording!

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    Don't the chapters already populate when a slide is added to a timeline?

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    @Jeff Maher When you manually add a slide to a section, yes. The feature request was to use the smart chapters/OCR functionality to recognize the slides from an uploaded PPT file and add the actual slides to the timeline without user intervention.

    This would allow someone to record in something like Zoom, and still have the contextual information from the slide deck (notes, other text) be added to the session for search. Currently, it will just pick up the slide title, but I would like it to use that text to pair a slide to a section of the video.

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    That's a great idea. Would save a lot of time having to follow along with the smart chapters and manually insert the slides.

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