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Only Import Automatic Captions based on Edited Session

Darren RichardsDarren Richards Whiz Kid
edited September 2020 in Feature Requests


We've heard this one from faculty and I've personally experienced this as well.

Imagine you create a 10 minute video, for example, and trim it down to 2 minutes. When looking to add Captions to the video, leveraging Panopto's automatic captions, the current editor makes it almost impossible to know what you are editing, as all 10 minutes of Captioning are shown to you, instead of your truncated 2 minutes.

A 2 minute video would only take you 5 minutes or so to "fine-tune" the auto-captioning, but instead, it will take much longer because you have to skim through the entire unedited video in order to find out where the correct captions and its associated timings are. This is also in part because, in the editor, the captions are not "highlighted" for you as you watch the video, like the experience within the viewer is.

A very simple solution could just be, in the "Import Automatic Captions" dialog, to change the behaviour of that to only import based off the edited session - or offer two buttons. "Import Automatic Captions based on edited session", or "Import Automatic Captions based on full session".

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    Darren RichardsDarren Richards Whiz Kid
    edited November 2020


    The team's received some more calls about this recently. But we have some different ideas (I wanted to change the title but can no longer do so).

    Maybe we can add an indicator to the Caption Editor UI to show what captions are visible in the final product? Or a show/hide toggle?

    This is a very similar scenario. You have a 10 minute video, want to trim 3 minutes out of it, perhaps in a few different spots on the timeline. It now becomes really difficult and overwhelming to distinguish which captions are and are not in the final product.

    Can there be a small or simple change to the UI - for example, "grey out" a caption that is not in the final product, based on the trimming? Or Have a show/hide button that allows you to hide captions that are not in the final product? With regards to automatic captions, the full captions would still be imported, but Panopto can then "hide" them based on the trims you make in the editor.

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    Would really support this enhancement.

    Having spent some time having a go at editing captions, I managed to lose my place a lot. Grey-out, or hide the captions that are edited out, but also highlight the current spoken word as the video plays. :)

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    +1 our faculty have already been asking for this. Optionally hiding captions associated with trimmed video gives piece of mind to faculty about what's included in the final video as well as making it easier to edit.

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    Agreed. This is crucial and has caused problems for several of our faculty. Why would you not want it just to caption the edited version??

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