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Add PowerPoint 'Start presenting when recording starts' feature to 'Panopto for Mac'

Hello, this is a feature request for 'Panopto for Mac' to match 'Panopto for Windows' and have this PowerPoint 'Start presenting when recording starts' feature, too. If this is possible, we'd also want to match having the 'Open a different presentation' button.

The majority of our faculty are on macs. When they use 'Panopto for Mac' they do not have the ability to have the PowerPoint 'Start presenting when recording starts' like how 'Panopto for Windows' does. They either stick with their recording or edit the beginning (and end) out. They speak with their peers on windows machines and get confused trying to find this feature on their macs.

Having the same features across platforms will help cause less confusion between users. And it will help the teams trying to troubleshoot issues (which is the position we are in) because they can then access the same features on their own machines to replicate what the user is going through.

Thank you!

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