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Feature Requests For ASR Captions

Couple feature requests for ASR captions:

A find and replace function for commonly misspelled words spoken often during a recording.

A way to add additional lines of text to captions in a recording at certain points in time once the ASR captions are imported. I know we can adjust time and edit the text of a caption, but if there was we could go to a certain point of time in a recording in the editor, and hit an "Add caption text" button or something to add another caption to that imported ASR file, that would be awesome.

Thank You

Kevin Hartman, University at Buffalo

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    For the second part, you can use the text field at the bottom to insert a line. If you put the play head at a location in the timeline you can them insert a line there.
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    Are you basically referring to Section 3 here: https://support.panopto.com/s/article/ASR-Generated-Captions If not, what are you referring to?

    This is what I was telling this instructor to do, but he's been kind of a PITA about this. I notice you can adjust times as well this way too and thought this was perfect.

    I even went as far as to demonstrate how to download out the caption file and add a caption that way, making sure to note the caption number, times, and text all had to be adjusted, and then reupload the captions file. Apparently this was too much work as well...



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    I made a quick video to demo this process. It isn't expressly outlined in the guide, but it does work how one would expect.

    It is actually an outcome of a shortcoming in how Panopto handles captions. Essentially it will just ignore the "end" segment of the line so the process to add a new line is just to set the start time (with the playhead) and text.

    If you need to split a line, you can cut the text that you want on the new line, put the playhead where you want it to start, and paste the text in the "Add a line" box. Captioning is an area where Panopto could use some TLC, I hope some things are in the pipeline. Having something like this in Panopto would go a long way: https://support.rev.com/hc/en-us/articles/360036052731-Using-the-Caption-Editor

    Sorry if the video is a bit scattered:

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    Holy crap that's awesome! I never knew that. Thank you so much Michael.

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    Michael, or anybody who knows this: Does this feature only work for ASR captions? If I upload a captions file and try to add a caption this way, I would not see that caption added to my file I uploaded, but rather as part of the ASR or "Default" captions, correct?



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    The above workflow will work with ASR captions, uploaded captions, and professional captions added through an integration.

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    OK, so we have a ticket in about this, but what is mentioned above is not what one instructor and another admin have experienced.

    The instructor imports auto captions, downloads them, edits for spelling/grammar (biology class), then reuploads the file. He then goes back into the Panopto editor and tries to add new captions the way Michael demonstrated in his video above.

    Instead of going into the caption that were uploaded, it looks like a new caption file is created, and this is now called "Default" if I look in the video settings. These captions are the only things in this new default file. So basically 2 caption files exist then - the uploaded file, and then these added captions.

    Is there a setting, either site or user based, we need to check someplace to make sure this works how Michael is explaining it?

    My thought was the instructor was doing things out of order. What I tested was importing auto captions, and then adding some captions like in Michael's video. After applying the edits, I downloaded the captions file and edited for grammar or spelling. Then I deleted the auto captions file from Panopto and uploaded my new captions file, with the additions and changes. It worked like charm...

    Thank You

    Kevin Hartman

    University at Buffalo

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    OK so looking at some recent cases, one of my admins did request ASR captions to be enabled as a default for a caption provider. Could that be causing my issue, and if so is there a way for someone to override the default setting on a folder or session.

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    This has been a great discussion about part 2 of the feature request. But I hope we don't lose part 1 - find and replace when editing captions. This would be really helpful for technical terms, jargon, names of products (perhaps including "Panopto"), etc.

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    There are many points in the caption workflow in Panopto that need to be addressed, even beyond these two points. In my opinion, the existing interface does not lend itself to efficiently editing captions. It works great for trimming streams, but that is becuase there is a timeline that users can interact with, because there is no graphical representation of a caption (or a slide, ToC entry, etc.) it is unintuitive at best. You have the video here then some other stuff, some of which is kinda there, but really it is over there...

    If anything about the interface is changed, if anything is added, I would push for it to be added in a way that if/when you tab through the options to the left (Contents, Captions...) the interface and timeline change to represent those items so they can be moved/edited in a more intuitive way. The list along the left is great for getting a high level view, but changing alignment, splitting caption lines, and adding/moving slides is generally not a very user friendly processes at the moment.

    While we are talking about jargon, I think the ability to add a dictionary is a must. Ideally it would pick up on changes that users make, but a list of terms would be a good start.

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