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Easier Access to Videos

Dear Sirs,

I have used Panopto to record a few videos and they are now on Panopto's server. Since I have a group of students (around 120), I kept on receiving an e-mail from each student, asking me to grant access to them. I am wondering whether there is an easier way of granting access to all 120 students, please?


Best wishes,


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    Hi Jerome, are you also using an LMS (Blackboard, Moodle...)? In this case your students should be able to watch your videos without ask permission trough the LMS. If you are not using an LMS the best way is to change your sharing options making your videos available adding your students email or changing the property to available to "anyone with the link".

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    I have also seen this type of issue when providing a link before a student authenticates to Panopto first. Typically students need to click on the Panopto Video link in a course menu of their LMS one time to authenticate and then the students can access the video. Good luck!


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    As pierpoalo and Jeffrey said, you need to ensure a few things:

    1) are you using a LMS - students login to LMS, click on the Panopto Videos link, then watch the videos - assuming the videos are stored in the related class folder. If Panopto is not integrated with LMS, then : the easiest way is to set share property to "Anyone with the link" = that way you can share the video via email or link anywhere (web page, LMS) and the users will be able to see the video,

    2) IF LMS integrated - and IF the videos are stored in a different folder that the student's class folder, you must provide access via one of the options in the Share properties for the folder or the video. You could use: "anyone in the organization with the link" = anyone authenticated via the LMS and that have the link can watch video. "Anyone with the link" = anyone can watch the video, no need to authenticate.

    3) Make sure you, the teacher, clicks on the Panopto Videos folder at the beginning of the semester to create the users groups in Panopto for the class.

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