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Labels and Tags

Anyway we can have labels and tags added as an option to our videos...reason being, we are looking to use our Wiki to create a page around a specific series of videos and wanted to find a way to allow the Wiki to filter them. We could embed folders and use search but search is broader as it searches through videos that are outside the folder and we're looking for a way to keep the filters within that specific folder.

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    This sounds like a great opportunity for the API to come in. There is an endpoint under the Folder tree for searching within a folder: https://demo.hosted.panopto.com/Panopto/Api/Docs/index.html#/Folders/Folders_SearchSessionsInFolder

    There are some other endpoints in the SOAP end of things, but I am not as well versed in that.

    I am also curious if there is anything you could do to connect search in your Wiki with Panopto directly: https://github.com/Panopto/panopto-index-connector

    I am also curious how the current functionality doesn't work in your case. When I embed a folder (or even visit a folder) the search is narrowed by the current folder, then I can check boxes to include sub-folders. It seems like it would be exactly like what you are looking for, unless I am not understanding your question.

    A bit off from your request, but may still help in your case, you have the ability to add tags (search terms) to a table of contents entry:

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    This is some good information. I will try the table of content entry that may get me part of the way there.

    Searching within an embed folder would work as well but the issue is the way our Wiki page is laid out not sure it would look great embedding an entire folder. I'll check on that and see if that is a viable option, if that works then that can solve my ask though easily tagging videos seems still to be a no brainer

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