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More playlist embed features in Blackboard

Currently the only quick way to add a playlist to Blackboard is via course tools embed video. Which then shows the playlist as an embed video in the course. We have some academics who would prefer another option of it to be a clickable link instead. However currently the only way to do that is to copy and paste the share code from the playlist. Which when you have 30 playlists creates a lot of effort. Can there be a way to have it as a mashup tool in the Blackboard content editor that allow you to just insert link to a selected playlist.

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  • Carlos CoronelCarlos Coronel Whiz Kid
    edited October 2020

    In D2L Brightspace, when you add any URL link, there is an option you can check that says "Open as an external resource", that forces to o pen a new browser tab. If the user does not click on that, then it will play embedded in the LMS. I don't know Blackboard, but I am sure it should have something like that. Maybe I am off base, sorry if this is the case.

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