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Setting that specifies Zoom Import session availability at the Department and Folder levels

We've found that Schools view Zoom meetings differently compared to other kinds of sessions (supplemental materials, live class recordings, etc.) and that they would like the ability to control visibility of these sessions independently. In particular, we have a request from our largest school - the Faculty of Arts and Sciences - to be able to set the availability of Zoom import sessions at the Department level. They would specifically like the ability to default Zoom imports to being hidden (i.e. availability of "Never") from FAS course folders within their LMS folder hierarchy while allowing other uploaded sessions to respect the default folder visibility settings. In addition, we think that having the ability to override this on the folder level makes sense, especially for courses who generally want Zoom imports to be available, but where there may be a handful of courses that want to keep them hidden.

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    One thing that may work here is to have a sub folder to facilitate this need.

    It could work much like the standard user level "Meeting Recordings" folder works. If they automatically filtered to this "[course] Meeting Recordings" folder, all of this functionality could be implemented without introducing additional complexity in the folder/availability codebase.

    I would support a user level setting or maybe a folder level setting to change if a "Meeting Recordings" folder should be used. I even think this could be an opt-in site wide setting because it isn't really taking away any functionality by opting-in.

    We use this sort of workflow for courses that have CART Captions in their live Zoom sessions so they aren't send off for post production captions as well.

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    We thought of a subfolder but that would require both work on support staff/faculty end to create the subfolders, and work on our end to map everything to that subfolder (there is no automatic filtering to a subfolder as part of the LTI option for the Zoom integration). A Department/Folder setting would require much less work for schools who want to set a default for Zoom recordings.

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    Right, I guess the point of my comment is instead of setting availability windows for specific types of content (only from Zoom) by the department, etc., Panopto could add a setting to the Zoom integration to automatically place Zoom content into a sub-folder. It could even just be for meetings that come over through the LMS integration.

    I wasn't suggesting that you do all of that work to set that all up, but that I think managing it through folders would likely be an easier, less complex, and more transparent solution (for Panopto).

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    Jaime BermudezJaime Bermudez Whiz Kid
    edited October 2020

    I forgot that you can't currently make a session unavailable within a folder that is set to have Immediate session availability, so to do it the way I suggested Panopto would have to introduce the Availability option of "Never" for a session (not sure why that's not already an option, but perhaps another FR is needed). In any case, I would see a subfolder option only working equivalently to what I was proposing if: a) Panopto creates the subfolder automatically as part of the setup, and b) the subfolder is set to Availability of Never or is set to only be visible by Creator course groups. I think tagging and being able to both tag Zoom imports at the integration level and define actions within folders on tagged resources (i.e. availability) will be ultimate solution here, but I don't know how soon we can count on that.

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