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Panopto welcome videos


This request may seem futile but as any administrator who's rolling out a new product, especially one like Panopto can attest. The initially communication is probably just as important as the rollout itself. Nailing the right tone and training material is always a challenge to get people on board with what you're deploying. As a video product, I'm surprised Panopto doesn't have any resources already for this. I've recently had to roll out a pilot of Loom and the communication piece was made easy as they already had a slew of videos set to go for us to post in our Wiki pages.

I am posting the Panopto 3 minute introduction video along with my communication but the steps to get it need to be considered. I had to contact our customer success manager, a day later he sent me a link to download the video. So now I need to download, reupload into Panopto to get an embed link. It would serve us and Panopto to have a space with videos that can easily be shared with your customers. This should include no less then 6 getting started with Panopto videos with the most basic but common features explained and one introduction video.

Now that I have the introduction video, I am in the process of recording 6 low quality videos from my house to include steps on how to share, navigate the interface, edit, record etc. Doesn't make sense to me that a video product doesn't already include all of this in high quality eye pleasing format that I can just embed into my announcement.



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    Michael EspeyMichael Espey Superstar
    edited October 2020
    I am not sure if our experience was against the norm, but when we got out Hosted instance it had maybe a dozen intro videos that we put on the home page. At this point they are three years out of date so they aren't entirely helpful.
    There is also the launch kit (https://support.panopto.com/s/launch-kit) that has a number of great videos that you could share. Those videos could be embedded on your pages. Panopto's user facing documentation has been great and we lean on it a lot. If you search this site for topics it should bring up guides as well.
    Also, there is this site that should allow you to share: https://howtovideos.hosted.panopto.com/Panopto/Pages/Sessions/List.aspx
    Hopefully this helps.
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    Dude you hit the nail on the head...this is exactly what I was looking for...didn't realize it existed, might have been provided to me during the early calls with Panopto and I was just flustered and forgot. Thank you a million for this

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    Panopto provides excellent tutorial (text and video). Bookmark this page. https://support.panopto.com/

    Browse the documentation for your questions. Panopto support is excellent. Courteous, knowledgeable. They will escalate your issue if it’s something they can’t resolve.

    I have to say that if you may want to opt and create your own tutorials to customize to your institution’s needs. But, Panopto’s tutorials are very good. Explore their resources and familiarize yourself with the documentation webpage. You’ll save a lot of time.

    Another thing is your learning curve with Panopto. Attend all the introductory webinars. You’ll be able to see the big and small picture.
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