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Crop Video in Editor

It would be great to be able to "Crop" the video - pick a particular section of the video and Zoom in on it inside a cropping rectangle - not displaying what is outside of the cropping rectangle. Currently Panopto editor doesn't appear to have that rectangle crop functionality. For instance, if one is recording a powerpoint screen that is in presenter mode, it would be great to simply be able to put a crop rectangle around the portion of the video screen with the powerpoint slides and hide the rest of the information outside of the slides (e.g. not showing powerpoint notes, etc). Most video editors allow this cropping function. Thank you.

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    I would love to see the ability to punch in on part of the frame. It would be a great addition to the editor.

    I think to make it more versatile, it should be similar to cuts or focus areas where you can select an area of one of the tracks to apply the effect to.

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    I received an inquiry about this today. Users who are working on a laptop (one screen) would like to be able to view their powerpoint notes while simultaneously presenting their slides.

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