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Set Podcast Quality in Folder

We have some folders that need all of their content to be at a different podcast feed quality than what we have as the site default. This has come up a few times, and we don't really have any other answer than to just add it to the list of steps they need to follow. It is quite a time sink and a sizable resource sink as well (encode once out of the box, edits added so it is encoded again, quality is changed so it is encoded again, then they forgot to change the layout so it goes back in the queue).

It would be great if we could set certain folders that need 100% quality to have things encoded at 1080p/60 then have other materials where size is the concern, so we have them pick something else. I guess another answer would be to have multiple versions ready to go and have them be available for download/playback. The latter would be a better workflow IMHO but it would take quite an overhaul, I would assume.

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    Same. We've also needed the ability to change the default format from PiP to Secondary only or Side by Side at the folder level.

    Alas, we're still waiting.

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