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Panopto Editor: Maintain previous video until edited version processed.

Recordings unavailable during processing are tremendously frustrating for viewers. The audience has to wait twice now; once for the live webcast to upload and process, then again once the on demand webcast has been trimmed/edited and is processing.

Maintaining the original video stream until the edited version processed and replaces it would greatly alleviate this delay.

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    Agreed. If the editor does not want the audience to see the unedited version he/she can restrict access until the edits have processed.

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    I think the OP is wanting the unedited version TO be available until the edited version is finished processing. That way, the viewer has SOMETHING to view while the session processes.

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    @"Andy Kochendorfer" , Great feature request!

    Perhaps prior uploading there can be a checkbox like:

    -MAKE session available for viewing immediately after uploading g and processing.

    --DO NOT MAKE session available for viewing immediately after uploading and processing.
    -Not ready for showing
    -Will edit video first

    In the session settings, one can already change viewing date start and end. However, this is NOT intuitive for faculty. Once the video is uploaded, there are no prompts to direct creators to the settings.
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    @Jeff Maher yes, I agree. I was addressing the potential argument for someone not wanting the original to be available and how to solve that if/when this feature request is implemented.

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