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Audience player page processing messages upgrade - e.g. 85% complete, estimate xx min.

Our previous platform vendor maintained the current version for on demand viewing while the edited file was being processed, then automatically replaced.

Until such time that Panopto supports maintaining the current version for on demand viewing while the edited file is being processed, please add messaging for percent complete and time to estimated completion (e.g. 85% complete, estimate xx min.).

Thank you!

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    Personally (along with the faculty I have spoken to), I don't want the old version to stick around until the new is ready. When I hit "Apply" in the editor, the intuitive workflow would be that the old version is no longer relevant, as such, I don't want individuals to be able to view it.

    In Panopto, there is a percentage that will run through the steps (Processing, then Processing Podcast) and that is available now.

    I think having some sort of an estimated time to completion would be a good add as long as it is accurate. That being said, I think a better workflow might be to provide a button on the "This session is processing" page where users can opt-in to a notification when the session is ready.

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    Access to the previous version while the edited version is processing should be an admin setting. While the current work flow works for educational institutions, it does not really work for enterprise customers that need to make live webcasts available to viewers as soon as possible and keep the content accessible.

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    That is a great point, thank you for the clarification! Maybe this could be an admin default, then something that could be toggled for a folder or a session.

    Having a workflow like this available would save some time for some things, namely, content that has been shared with support articles or training courses. If we could just amend the sessions and have them process in the background without needing to share or embed again, I would be all in. Right now, when something like this needs to happen I just make a new session and swap them out when the new one is ready so we have no downtime.

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