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Video viewer in split screen and multiple streams in video viewer.

The first and most significant request is to have the the video viewer working when I put the window into a split screen on Windows 10. I only have one monitor and want to be able to make notes on the other half of the screen. At the moment the video viewer does not format nicely when put into split screen.

In the video viewer of Panopto, there is a primary stream and a possible secondary stream that is glued to the video viewer. It would be nice to have the freedom of choice to only view one of those streams and switch off the other. This would be important in relation to the first request, as being forces to view two streams on one half of the screen makes viewing the video very difficult.

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    Agree. Many faculty rely on the PPT notes. When in presentation mode, the notes are not viewable. So, faculty have to use paper notes. Sound is affected as faculty shuffle through their notes, especially in our micro studio where it's very quiet and our mics pick up even mouse clicks. I don't see how Panopto can solve this problem when one uses one screen, though.

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