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Put the Date of the Recordings in the Report.

I can't believe this wasn't already in there, but can you please add the date to the Reports file? For example, this folder is all recordings that imported through Zoom integration, and while the data has these fields,

Folder Name   Folder ID   Session Name   Session ID   UserName   User ID   Name   Email   Views and Downloads   Minutes Delivered   Average Minutes Delivered   Percent Completed   Last View Time   Last Position   Root Folder (Level 0)   Subfolder (Level 1)   Subfolder (Level 2)

The Recording's Date field is not present, and Unfortunately, every Session name is the same, "PACE 833 Overview Of Health Systems" so I have had to go change the Settings for every session name in that folder to add the date to the end of the Session name field so that the instructor can tell which particular Recordings are the ones referred to in the data.

I only got a few hundred more to change now.... :(

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