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Use the embedded audio in a PowerPoint as Primary Source

edited October 2020 in Feature Requests

We would like utilise the the embedded audio found within a PowerPoint without having to select an additional primary source such as a computer microphone etc.


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    I would be curious what the use case would be for this sort of situation.

    We have some faculty that like to use the built in PPT timings/voice recording workflow. It works for what they need, but we tell them when they are ready to distribute the lecture to export using the PPT function and upload that to Panopto, it isn't 1:1 with what Panopto produces natively, but the new Smart Chapters feature brings it close.

    It would be great if we could just upload the slide deck (with timings/voice) and have Panopto process it into a session. I know that there is a good bit of work there, but it would be helpful here and there. Would that work for your use case?

    I would be worried that if a user can select "PowerPoint Audio" there will be some confusion.

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    It is my understanding, you can export the PPT with narrated slides (audio) as an mp4. Then, import it to Panopto and problem solved. If they need to add a table of contents, using smart chapters as Michael said. You can always edit it.

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