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Allow Customization in Sending Panopto Quiz Scores to LMS

edited July 2023 in Feature Requests

We are using Panopto videos with embedded quizzes to check student comprehension during the lecture. Students are required to complete the questions, but can watch the video and complete the questions as many times as needed.

Unfortunately, if a student receives 5/5 (for example), and then rewatches the video to study and gets 3/5, the 3/5 overwrites the previous result in Canvas.

Similarly, if a student opens a video to study after the due date, the quiz result is reported back from Panopto with the new date, and thus Canvas marks it late.

Per communication in Support Request 00691449, Panopto reports the most recent grade, even if the score is lower than a previous attempt, and regardless of the date. This strikes me as a good feature to be able to customize.

My suggestion would be Panopto lets users choose whether to report "most recent" or "most recent if higher than previous".

On the Canvas side, I imagine Canvas will need to change their "late response" logic to only mark something as late if a score hasn't previously been received from Panopto. Since Panopto would not know the assignment due date, it could not accurately choose what scores to send based on date.

Relevant link: Panopto Question with initial details

Organization: Kalamazoo Valley Community College (but I'm posting on my own behalf)

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    I wholeheartedly agree with the need for this feature. I allow students to take the quiz in the videos twice and they can review the videos anytime. If they don't take the quiz seriously when reviewing (if they have only taken it once before and received 10/10 the first time, for example) the grade for the second "attempt" (5/10, for example) overrides the previous grade (10/10). Can we have a feature that keeps the highest grade when taking it more than once?

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    I agree that there should be a default option that the highest grade be kept for Panopto Quizzes grades.

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