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Discussion re custom roles for ITIL tiered support

Hi All, I was just wondering if anyone had explored the Beta custom roles for ITIL tiered support?

A hidden viewer for Tier 1 would be obvious I guess (hidden so they don't receive email notices of new sessions when that folder setting is used). What about for Tier 2? Something with more power than just viewer permissions, but without being able to break the whole installation?

(My context is higher education, if that's a consideration.)


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    We have our tier 2 help desk people in the "department admin" role then we have a few root folders that are departments and they get access as needed. It works well.

    I am looking forward to being able to give our Research and Analytics folks proper permissions now so we can get them access to reports and data without having to give them Admin. Because Panopto doesn't support IMS Caliper it has been a struggle to link a given view to a specific course unless the session is stored in the course folder.

    I am also playing around with a custom role that would provide users with a folder they could pull materials out of, embed them in courses, etc., but have the content be managed by admin staff. That way a department can have a common copy of something without giving everyone access to edit things. When the central video is edited, all of the places it has been shared are also updated.

    I am sure there are going to be other use cases for the feature, but I want to see it in its final form before investing too much time into workflows.

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    Thanks @Michael Espey! I'll experiment with department admins to see if that suits our Tier 2. How do you give your Tier 1 access to course/subject folders (if that's your context)? Our folders are created within our named Moodle parent folder, but parent folder permissions don't cascade in this case.

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    We have our folders for the LMS mirror the LMS layout in Canvas, but folders outside of the LMS are a bit different. For Tier 1 people we leverage the "act as" function in Canvas and it works great! The permissions carry through perfectly to integrations and it helps us identify platform/account issues away from local issues very quickly. We haven't needed to add any permissions for Tier 1 people directly to Panopto because of this.
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