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Create remote recorder templates in Panopto

We now have three Epiphan Pearl devices and are looking at an additional one. We found the page below concerning remote recorder templates--


 This page says, "Note: Currently, remote recorder templates are not available through the API. Panopto expects to have this feature available in the near future."

 Any idea as to a time frame when being able to create remote recorder templates for the Epiphan Pearl devices through the Panopto API might become available? Thank you!

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Epiphan has released an updated firmware that supports Panopto remote recorder templates in the Pearl.


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    are there any news regarding this topic? We are currently using about 20 Epiphan Pearl Minis and want to specify the inputs of our Pearl Minis for each lecture.

    Thank you


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    Dave HannanDave Hannan Administrator

    @Jeff Carr @Mathias Bauer - We've been working with Epiphan on this feature. I'll send you both a private message with more details. Thanks. -Dave

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    Dave HannanDave Hannan Administrator

    @Jeff Carr @Mathias Bauer FYI that Epiphan has released an update to support Panopto RR templates.

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