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Recording portion of the screen

Hi I am using Panopto, I want to know how I can record the selected portion of the screen rather than the full screen. 




  • When using the standard Panopto Recorder (the desktop app) there isn't an option to record a portion of the screen. When using the Panopto Capture app, you can select either the entire screen, a single window, or even a single tab in your browser.

    I would love to see a "punch in" function be added in the desktop app, where you can dynamically Zoom in and out on sections of a screen as you present. As far as what is available today out of the box, it is somewhat limited.

    Something that I have done in the past is download the screen share video from Panopto, punch in with Adobe Premiere Pro (or Media Encoder if it is a static crop) then reupload the stream. It is quick enough, but I have a fairly powerful computer so the encode doesn't take much time.

    Hopefully this helps!


  • Thanks

    How I can use Panopto Capture app on my laptop or PC.



  • That will depend on what has been turned on. We have the tool turned on here, but it is an "opt-in" thing so there is a chance that isn't available.

    Here is the general guide on the tool: https://support.panopto.com/s/article/How-to-Create-a-Video-Using-Panopto-Capture

  • that is not what I want. I wanted to have the portion of the screen to be recorded like other screen recording software's do.

  • It would be great if Panopto can consider adding this feature. My friend let me use his screen recorder called Joyoshare VidiKit one day. I can freely drag the capturing frame to select my screen size and the video can be recorded in 1080p at 60 FPS. It is just so amazing that I really hope that one day Panopto can support this utility.

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