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Alert notification when licence usage hours at certain milestones to avoid running out/over-usagehrs

James HartyJames Harty Crackerjack
edited November 2020 in Feature Requests

For the panopto cloud service to notify the relevant contact persons for each university in our case, in tcd, we have four persons, Colin, Stephen, Aidan and I (who can also log tickets at the panopto support site) at different stages of usage hours licences like Debra mentioned, 30% left, 20%, 10% left), so that we are aware when we are going to hit our limit and avoid going over limit, so we can have licence upgrade discussions.

I looked in the admin settings under alerts and notifications and this feature isnt in there and since I didn’t get any notification it would appear it isnt there, as panopto usually have all the good settings turned on by default I usually find, in fairness to yourselves.

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    I think this would be a good add, but it is my understanding that for Enterprise contracts the "limit" is not a hard limit where services just stop. It is more of a guide that your CSM would be in touch when you get near the contract terms. It could be that this is a consideration they made for COVID, but either way I would suggest reaching out to your CSM to clarify how the process works for your contract.

    With that, there is a notification (of sorts) that happens, but an automated notification would be have some real value. I know in Spring we burned through almost a year worth of hours in a bit over a month. I check in on usage at least monthly on all of the services I manage to stay on top of how the platforms are being used, but if I wouldn't have been doing that the fact that we were running out would have been quite a surprise.

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