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Zoom Integration Improvements

It works well to get the basics in, but it leaves much to be desired.

I might propose changing how individuals link a meeting ID from Zoom to a folder in Panopto. Adding an option to the "Create" menu would both make it easy to find, but it would also align the feature with the rest of the paths individuals can take to get content into the platform. When we start with someone new to Panopto, the way we teach them to record is to start from the web, go to the folder they wish to record to, then click Record from under the create button. It is easy and reliable. Linking a meeting to a folder breaks that flow. There is also a problem in that there really is no indication in the Zoom UI that anything is going on in Panopto. The recordings are just there, then some time later, they are gone.

In my mind there would be a "Zoom Meeting" option in that drop-down when Zoom is integrated. From there, the user would be given a chance to link a meeting to a folder, set what sources go to what streams, and set where/when/how the recording will become available.

Taking it a step further, if there is a meeting linked to a folder, people that are logged in and have access in Panopto could be given a "Join Meeting" button at the top of the folder UI that would bring them into the meeting using their info from Panopto. If oAuth is used from Panopto to Zoom then Panopto could be the one stop shop for meetings. Schedule the class meeting in Zoom from within your Panopto course folder, everyone joins from Panopto (or from the embedded location in the LMS) and credentials are no longer a concern. After you meet, the recording is just there.

I think that it should continue to function as it does, but the above workflow would allow instructors to make it crystal clear how, where, and when a lecture is going to be delivered through one tool without adding any setup overhead.

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