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How can adjust stereo / mono settings when recording? (Audio only comes out one speaker)

Recording audio via a USB audio interface with two input channels (Scarlett 6i6)

All audio recordings come panned to one side rather than centered, and I cannot find any settings in the recorder to adjust this.

Thank you


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    I was able to solve this issue by adjusting the advanced device properties in Windows 10, under Sound Settings, Input, Device Properties, Advanced Device properties, and adjusting the device input to be 1 Channel.

    However, it would be much easier if there were a setting to adjust this within the recorder software.

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    There is no logic within the recorder that can be used to pan audio, so I would be curious where this is being introduced. Are you able to record stereo (without added processing) in like Adobe Audition or in Audacity? I would also check your settings in Windows as well. For this, there is a setting in the Panopto recorder to allow you to access device settings:

    I am not sure if this will do what you need, but it may help.

    Products like the focusrite device you are using are really intended to be used with a DAW so there may need to be some software between your device and Panopto to center the channels. If I had to guess, your device is probably sending a stereo signal but only one track (the left) is used. Panopto just trusts that what it is being fed is "correct" and moves on. Unless you can change the settings with the above change, you might need to get creative.

    You could (potentially) split the signal coming from the mic and have both input channels be the same mic. That should allow you to use it out of the box in the way you wish. Something like this might work, but it is just going to introduce another device in the chain so it is far from ideal.

    If you don't want to add hardware/software and the above setting doesn't expose what you need, you will likely need to download the podcast version, edit it offline, then replace the stream. I have a feeling that the "advanced device configuration" will do it, but there is a chance it won't


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    Thanks, I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't missing something in Panopto.

    I can record in other programs just fine, so it was just kind of throwing me for a loop that Panopto would auto-assume I wanted panned stereo channels.

    The advanced device config. does not allow a way to fix this. It appears there are options to change to mono, but they appear greyed out no matter what input device I use.

    I did find a Windows setting solution (see my comment above)

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