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Caption Clips along with the root session

Please caption the sections of "clipped" sessions along with the containing session. When captions are requested via the folder, there is no indication to the content owner that the captions are not applied consistently. In fact, the "CC" emblem still shows for the session even though the captions are incomplete.

It would be fine if everything was stored in the same folder, but in this case the instructor added another folder to hold their "Clips" that they amended lectures with. This sub folder wasn't configured to request captions so the clipped section never received captions.

This is a problem that needs to be fixed. It is fine if we need to redo the captions when edits are made, it is not fine to have students expecting professional captions and they return incomplete. There are a few options here, but how it currently exists is not one of them.

If we were able to have instructors be able to request captions as they need them via the provider we choose (and only that provider) it would be fine, but right now it falls on central support (me) to make all of these requests manually.

Please let me know if any other information is needed. I would be happy to outline how I think captioning should work from a user/admin perspective, if that would help.

Thank you,


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