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Service update 2020-11-19

Service update 2020-11-19

Note: This update will be applied to the Asia-Pacific (AP), North America (NA), and Canada (CA) clouds after business hours on Nov. 20th. Our apologies for any inconvenience this might cause.

  • Added a new feature to Webex integration (beta) where a Panopto user can change the default target folder for Webex meeting recordings.
  • Update Zoom and ‘Webex integration (beta)’ configuration UI to have "Global Settings" section and "Allowing end users to select their own default import folder and to specify folder mappings for specific meetings" option is moved. This setting is applied to all integration instances commonly.
  • Added a new feature to Webex integration (beta) where a Panopto user can specify the target folder for a meeting using the Webex meeting ID.
  • Updated the Zoom integration to specify the target folder for a specific meeting ID for individual Zoom accounts if multiple Zoom accounts are configured to a single Panopto site. All pre-existing meeting mappings will be duplicated to all Zoom accounts and they work as same as before this release.
  • Fixed an issue where default folder location for meeting recording import in user settings page showed a wrong location if the folder doesn’t exist yet.
  • Fixed an issue where an end user's Zoom meeting ID mapping is used even after the admin disables the feature.
  • Added a feature to automatically disable the "Watch in Panopto" button if a user is taking a quiz in an LMS, to reduce the chance of failing to report quiz scores.
  • Fixed an issue where an incorrect time measurement could result in all API calls being throttled for some clients.
  • Fixed an issue where some encodings could lose audio or video in the last few seconds of the session.
  • Added the SOAPAction header as an allowed header when calling the Panopto SOAP API using CORS.
  • Fixed an issue where media packaging could, in some circumstances, mark streams improperly as invalid or as having no duration rendering the content unplayable.
  • Fixed an issue in Panopto embed API where if Panopto player controls were hidden, the fullscreen button was still visible.
  • Fixed an issue where in certain situations audio histogram in the editor didn't take up the entire vertical height available.
  • Fixed an issue where for audio only sessions, overlay captions were not showing up correctly.

Version 9.11.0

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