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Incrementally track changes to folders, sessions, and users in SOAP API??

edited November 2020 in API

We want to track what subfolders and sessions are in a folder. To track this we would either need to do a full system pull of all folders which is not performant as it takes over 40 minutes for each object type. Or we do an incremental pull of the folders/sessions/users. To do an incremental pull, we would need to know when an object changed (created, moved, or renamed.) Our question is - is there a way to incrementally update that day’s changes to the folder structure, or sessions, or users?

We are not concerned here about when a session was viewed or folder content was viewed since we will pull the system views and caliper events separately (GetSessionExtendedDetailedUsage). The event data will be incremental as we will only look at that day’s events. SHAREit


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