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403 code back for sessionUpload request

edited November 2020 in API

Provider: Panopto

Gebruikersnaam: eumedianet

Rol: Beheerder

I created a: On user based server request API

Than I did a request to get access token, and access token is returned

username: this.username,
password: this.password,
scope: "openid api",
grant_type: "password",



 "access_token": "long string....",

 "expires_in": 3600,

 "token_type": "Bearer"


Than I use this access token in my request

curl -X POST https://eur-test.cloud.panopto.eu/PublicAPI/REST/sessionUpload -H "Authorization: Bearer LONG_STRING" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Accept: application/json" -d "{\"FolderId\": \"c533338a-9120-46cb-8d22-ac7800bccc67\"}"

returning 403


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