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Zoom Identity Providers


We have a number of  Identity Providers that can use out panopto  and they may use the same email address. When we integrate zoom some of the cloud recordings go to one Identity Provider and some go to another one. They both have user’s accounts for both Identity Providers.

  1. Is there a way to specify which is default?
  2. What is the criteria for choosing which one is connected to zoom?
  3. Can they go to both?

Any help with this issue much appreciated





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    The integration with Zoom pairs on email, so as long as email is a match between both IDP and accounts are unified in Panopto, it should be fine.

    We have some users auth through SAML, then some that auth through Canvas (our LMS), both send the same user info and we have accounts unified in Panopto.

    No matter where someone comes from, they will always land on the same account in Panopto if they use the same creds. This has been working well for us for almost a year. We've moved ~40,000 Zoom meetings (the last time I checked) using the Panopto integration with very few issues.

    In Panopto, you can set an IDP to be default, and you can also hide IDPs. We have SAML available in Panopto, then Canvas is hidden so individuals need to auth through the Canvas integration within Canvas.

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    Thnaks for your comment the issue is that we have many IDP and that some acounts use the same email address. this has caused some zoom recording to use one acount but not the other

    does any one know how zoom know which one to use



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    If end users have shared email addresses this isn't going to work, short of that, you might be able to get it going. If the ID/email pair is used across all IDPs the solution is just to unify accounts in Panopto and it will work, but if you have a situation where two (or more) users could use unique IDs to log in and all get the same email unifying won't fix it. If that is the case, you will probably need a sub-account in Zoom for each IDP, then a new instance of Panopto for each Zoom account. In short, if Zoom is working for you, unifying accounts in Panopto should work.

    When a new recording comes up in Zoom, Panopto will pick up the first account in Panopto that matches the email address. This is because of how Zoom implemented their service (the private key is the user email) and there isn't really a way around this until they give other options.

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