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Side Car Files/Attachments

It would be great if we were able to attach files to a given session, we are currently working on a project where there is a series of videos that an instructor wants to make available to download along with a PDF (that isn't intended to be displayed on the viewer screen), the Slide Deck, a transcript and the SRT file. As things currently exist we are going to need to build out a website to do this, but if we were able to attach some files to a session everything could be done from within Panopto. We can make the slide deck available in Panopto, but because the content wasn't recorded in Panopto it isn't a very efficient process.

In my mind, there would be an "Attachments" tab below "Streams" in the editor. Then in the player, in a similar "Attachments" tab, there would be a button to download each file as well as an option to download all that would download the podcast video if available, along with all attachments.

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