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Ability to turn off ratings on videos

Some academics have asked for their ratings to be turned off but at their level and not globally. Much like if the students can or can not download the video.

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  • Yes, we've received the same request! Thought I submitted this last week but it didn't seem to post! This would be really great to have.

  • We have just had the same request through and tested as a team if there was anyway to do this. Ideally by default we would have this off and then turn on for specific videos/Moodle sites (like the commenting ability)

  • Ah, that would be interesting! So almost like:

    • An institutional control to enable this or disable this functionality as a whole.
    • An institutional default for new videos? i.e. Will new videos have ratings turned on or off by default.
  • We have an institutional control for it but not individually. So i am seeing it as an individuals control and all videos created will inherit the setting for the account.

  • Oh, yes, of course -- in addition to the individual control! I think based on Shaun's comment it would be beneficial to have that institutional 'default' setting as well.

  • David HowardDavid Howard Crackerjack

    We have had a request from one of our faculty to disable ratings. It would be AWESOME if this were something that could be done individually, either for specific videos or for individual content creators. Are there any updates on this feature request? To me, the ideal setup would be:

    1) An institutional setting for ratings: Off (no videos will have ratings) or On (videos can have ratings)

    2) An institutional setting for defaults for new videos: Off (new videos will not have ratings unless the creator enables them) or On (new videos will have ratings unless the creator disables them)

    3) A user profile setting for defaults for new videos: same as the institutional choices

    4) A video setting for ratings: Off or On

    #1 already exists. We could get away with just #4 in addition. But #2 and #3 would add a lot of ease of use / flexibility.

  • @David Howard I agree with your breakdown. There are times in which that level of specificity would be helpful.

  • @David Howard I agree too. It may also be useful as a setting on specific folders.

    A specific use case for us: one particular lecturer was getting low ratings on a specific video and it was very clearly because they were a member of a minority lecturing on a topic that challenges conventional majority viewpoints about our society. In order to prevent this harassment, we had to turn off ratings for the entire institution. It would be good to be able to deal with (and/or prevent) such situations on a more granular level.

  • Paul DouglasPaul Douglas Crackerjack


    The content and subject of some videos are sensitive and having a Ratings scale is entirely inappropriate and can even be a little embarrassing.

  • this would be a great feature to have available on a per video basis if possible! we also just had a request from our institution to turn off the star ratings for videos in a particular course, but not completely site wide.


  • I think almost every feature should be settable at the site, department, user, folder, and video level.

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