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What changes require a student to retake an embedded quiz in Panopto?

This support article (How to Add a Quiz to a Video) mentions the following regarding editing a quiz:

2.2.a. If you attempt to edit a quiz that someone has already completed, you will receive a warning message that they may need to retake the quiz. Select the Continue button to proceed with editing (Fig. 13).

However, I can't find what changes will actually force a student to retake a quiz. Is there a list of the types of quiz changes that will require a retake?

Use case: If one answer choice has a typo in a quiz with multiple multiple-choice questions, will a student who already took the quiz have to retake the whole quiz?


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    Thanks for the quick reply, Kathryn. I'll mark this as "answered", though I think it would be very helpful to make an update to the online documentation that lists these changes.

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    KathrynKathryn Administrator

    We'll update the doc to include this info!

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