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I want to trigger a Roland switcher to change inputs on start stop

edited January 2021 in Equipment

We are using the remote recorder to record classes and the control rooms are separate from the class rooms. We have Roland V8HD switchers that are capable of receiving a remote trigger to switch inputs. We would like to figure out if a panopto recorder can send a trigger to the switcher [over USB or RS232?

Does anyone know if this is possible?

We have the Scribe PCs that are Panopto optimized if that helps...


Kenneth Williams



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    Hi Kenneth,

    I connected with some Panopto colleagues to see if I could get an answer for you on this. In short, it's not possible to do this out of the box; however, a new service or modified Recorder Light Service could theoretically be created to do this. Since we're not familiar with Roland switchers, we are unable to provide exact guidance. In theory, if the light service (or a similar service you build) is running on the same machine as the remote recorder, it should be able to monitor the remote recorder's state and schedule/send the command to change inputs on the Roland switcher. It would likely have a few oddities, such as having the poll for changes rather than receiving a notification (thus meaning ad-hoc recordings could start before it swaps), but it seems tenable at least. 

    I hope this is helpful - if you have any other questions, please let me know. 



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