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Crestron integration, panopto.dll?

edited January 2021 in Integrations


I am a Crestron integrator that has been tasked with tying in control of a Pearl 2 via Panopto. I am using the 2.2 module from the Crestron Application Market and I seem to have hit a dead end right out of the gate. I entered the required information into the panel and when I hit login, nothing happens. No errors, no feed back of any sort. All debugger will show is the info from the text fields and the action of hitting the login button. The CP3 has internet access and can ping out to the Pearl 2 and Panopto's domain.

I have seen in hand full of places that mention copying the panopto.dll into the user folder on the control processor, but I cannot seem to locate this file. Looking in an older help PDF from v1.4 does mention this, but I wonder if that is out dated info for 2.2?

Thanks in advance.


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    Bump! I have today to get this figured out before it has to go live. I spent all Friday tinkering with it. Tried a packet capture and saw no traffic even try to leave the CP3 after hitting the log in button. I'm at a loss here :(

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    Hi @Josh Hamilton,

    I'd like to connect you with our Support team about this. To expedite this matter and make things easier for you, I'm happy to submit a ticket on your behalf. Please message me, or comment on this thread, with the organization your Panopto account is affiliated with and I'll be happy to get that process started. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask.

    Best wishes,


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    Thank you! I will PM you the details.

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    I started to dig a little deeper, turns out that the highlighted input was not going high to satisfy the System_Is_Online trigger, it is not actually connected to anything!. Once I forced it high, it fired right up!

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