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Dedicated caption editors

Richard BrowneRichard Browne Crackerjack
edited February 2021 in Feature Requests

Good morning,

Is there a way to assign a role to a user which allows them to edit the ASR captions on a video without having the capacity to change anything else on that video?

If not, can I suggest this role be considered as a feature request?

Kind regards,


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    I requested this at least a year ago. Roles did not help. I hope we can get this solved soon. They just need to add a new role that will allow that person to edit captions only. Nothing else. They may need to create a module just for that out of the editor.

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    KathrynKathryn Administrator

    @Richard Browne Currently, there isn't a role that just allows editing the ASR captions. We can definitely add this as a feature request, so I'm going to move this post to the feature request section.

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    Hey @Kathryn do you know if this is in the dev pipeline? I think it would a great and popular feature to have.

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    KathrynKathryn Administrator

    @Louis Pliskin I confirmed that this is not currently planned for the first half of this year. However, this item will be considered for future development - we agree that it would be useful!

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    @Kathryn do you know if there is an actionable timeline for this feature?

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    KathrynKathryn Administrator

    @Jimmy Wade Apologies for the long wait for a response - I was out of the office on leave. This feature request does not currently have a timeline assigned.

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    Update: Thanks to Panopto's addition of customisable roles we now have this (or close as reasonably possible - a Videographer who can't move, copy or delete, so they can see and edit videos across the estate). Cheers!
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    Hi @Richard Browne

    Can I ask what options you have selected/deselected under the 'Role permissions'?

    The role description and the permissions also make it look like it only has global rights.


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