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Caption Downloads to be named and suffixed with SRT

Hi all

Can I request that instead of Generate.txt as the output they are named with the session in the same way as the podcast download and have srt instead of txt as their type?

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    That's odd. When I download captions, mine are named GenerateSRT.ashx

    I agree with the request though!

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    @Charles Barbour They get named like that on a Mac - confusingly if you try to rename them with .srt they end up becoming .txt.srt and get rejected by services like Vimeo - hence the request!

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    Now that you meantion it, that sounds familiar!

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    So much yes!!

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    Giving the option to download captions as either txt, vtt, or srt is important. Hoping this moves ahead.

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    Anyone hoping to use Panopto videos in another system--and needing captions--need to be able download the caption files. Currently, caption files only download as txt, which then requires users to convert to another format in another tool. Panopto can add that functionality easily, especially since "Panopto supports INGESTION of *.srt, *.ashx, *.vtt, and *.dxfp files as captions for a video."

    So, I'd love to see Panopto allow for exporting or downloading captions in those formats, too. (vtt and srt are highest priority).



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    @Dann Hurlbert I agree that having the captions download as .srt or .vtt would be super helpful.

    Currently, when I tell people how to edit their captions offline, I tell them to change the file extension from .txt to .srt prior to uploading the edited file. This workflow is solid, but it always results in a "are you sure you want to do this?" prompt and it's just an odd thing to tell people, especially if they aren't very tech savvy.

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    OMG yes! Seems like a simple and logical request.

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