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oEmbed support

It would be great if Panopto supported the oEmbed API so that various content management systems could integrate with embedded videos easier. I see one reference to oembed here from 2018 but nothing more current. Is this on the roadmap for Panopto? The build-your-own-embed-code dialog is excellent but oEmbed is really nice for situations where you want users to be able to embed <iframe>s from certain media sites but cannot trust them with raw HTML access. Our CMS (Wagtail) supports oEmbed as do numerous others (including Drupal and Wordpress) so it seems like a very valuable thing to have.

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  • oEmbed is really a "need" moving forward. This is one of the things that separates other video management platforms from Panopto.

    We are starting to dig into what it might take to bring Panopto videos into our drupal instance and it is either going to be quite a lift (build and support an integration between drupal and panopto) or it is going to open up some security problems (allow some general iFrame support - not really an option at scale).

  • Bumping this. Panopto really needs oembed support. As far as I know Panopto videos cannot be embedded into Wordpress sites anymore, as Wordpress now only support oembed sites.

  • This is a huge blocker for our repository going forward.

  • Panopto has an embed API, but I don't know if this would solve your issue or not.


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