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SCORM package import into SAP SuccessFactors LMS

Has anyone else attempted to load zipped SCORM output from Panopto (either the interactive or embedded viewer option) into the SAP SuccessFactors learning management system? We have had some success but other times users are not getting credit, even after completing the video 100% and/or several times. We can't figure out why it works for most users but not for all. Just curious to see if others have run into this because our support from SAP is often limited. Thanks!


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    Caitlin McCabeCaitlin McCabe Administrator

    Hi @Katie Orbison,

    This sounds like an issue for our Support team to take a look at. To expedite this matter and make things easier for you, I will submit a Support ticket on your behalf. Please keep an eye out for correspondence from our team regarding this matter.

    If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask - we're always happy to help.

    Best wishes,


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    Has this issue been resolved? We're attempting something similar.



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    KathrynKathryn Administrator

    @ALVIN BRADFORD If you are running into a similar issue, we would definitely want to open a support ticket for this. If you let me know the details of your issue and your organization name, I would be happy to open one for you.

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