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Prevent editing of videos after submission to Moodle assignment

I've been testing the Atto editor method for submitting assignments in Moodle however there's an issue for us in that students can still edit their work after it has been submitted, which could potentially lead to academic misconduct.

It would be ideal if once the student has submitted they no longer have editing rights for the video(s) they have submitted, regardless of whether it's in a personal or assessment folder in case they upload it to the wrong place.

I believe there are two ways a submission could be classed as submitted, depending on the Moodle assignment settings. Either the due (or late) date passes where the student is not asked to click a submit button, or (and this is the method we use) the student clicks a submit button. Beyond that point the student should not be able edit the video(s) they have submitted.

Closing the assessment folder is one option but not really robust enough as students submit at different times and some are given extensions. It would also mean a new folder needs to be created which the tutor could forgot to do.

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This is now built into the Moodle Student Submission tool https://support.panopto.com/s/article/How-to-Create-a-Video-Assignment-in-Moodle


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    I submitted a feature request last year that I think meets this need. In short, it would be a standalone external tool that would be used to submit work within the LMS using Panopto (similar to what is available for Turnitin). Once Panopto has video responses within the discussion, etc., I think having this other tool available would be a huge benefit when using Panopto for submitting work.

    With that tool, it would be simple to control when students can edit their work, it would guide all of the content to the correct folder, and it would ensure that there isn't any orphaned content. We have another video platform that has implemented their "assignment" workflow as you describe and it causes a ton of problems downstream; frankly, I wish we hadn't turned on that option in the other platform.

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    edited April 2021

    Thanks @Michael Espey. I read your request but it wasn't quite what I was after as we need to be able to lock assignments on an individual basis not blanket after a certain date. We have a due date set and also a late date which incurs a penalty on the student grade, so we wouldn't want students uploading on time then editing up to the late date without penalty.

    Guiding content to the correct folder could be useful but if the tutor clicks through from the Moodle assignment, surely it doesn't matter where the recording sits as long as it's not viewable to the whole world to open up plagiarism issues. The student's own folder would be perfectly adequate (although permissions wouldn't align as they currently stand) and possibly even remove the need for an assessment folder. It would certainly simplify the student workflow.

    When you say "We have another video platform that has implemented their "assignment" workflow as you describe and it causes a ton of problems downstream" what issues did you experience? We use a similar locking method in one of our other platforms and it works perfectly.

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    @Sarah Cotton , I had not thought about this. This is huge! We use Canvas, but at the Panopto level, it doesn't matter where the video is submitted.

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    @Sarah Cotton In my mind the feature I requested would respect the configuration in the LMS. If the student is only given one attempt at an assignment, they lose access to edit when they submit, but they can still see it and they are still the "owner". Panopto already tracks edits, so it wouldn't be out of the question to update the submission time in the LMS when the video is edited.

    The workflow in the other platform is entirely student driven. The biggest problem that I have with it is that if they don't opt-in there is no indication to the person grading that they didn't mark it as an assignment. If students don't mark it as an assignment, it is just a regular video so they still have access. There is also no indication of changes and because the instructor does not have any access to the video (beyond the embed) and they have no ability to gather other information and verify that it was submitted properly.

    From a scale perspective, it also will create an orphaned copy of the video each time the student tries to submit. We've seen it happen multiple times where the student uploads, they get confused that their video isn't ready when they hit submit, they try to submit it again...rinse and repeat. We had a situation come up recently where there was about 6 hours worth of video from a single student in a single assignment that no one had any ability to manage nor did they even know that it existed. Multiply that by a few students in a large class and you have a massive body of content that is never going to be used. I just can't support a feature that not only allows for this but is designed to create this sort of situation.

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    @Michael Espey That does sound frustrating, I'm very glad we don't do anything like that! I agree that it would be good if Panopto could find a way to honour the Moodle assignment assignment settings, which is what I think we're both asking for but perhaps in slightly different ways. I trust that if Panopto decide to implement anything that they will consider the best way forward and improve the workflow rather than complicate it.

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    KathrynKathryn Administrator

    @Sarah Cotton I think the student assignment workflow that uses the newer LTI button for Atto in Moodle may actually already address your concern about students being able edit the videos after submission. When an assignment is created using the workflow here and a student submits a video to the assignment, a copy of the video is placed in a "student submissions" folder that only the instructor has access to. The student is no longer able to edit the submitted version even if they still have editing rights to the original video.

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    @Kathryn I wasn't aware of this newer Atto plugin so will give it a test... thank you!

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