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bulk download videos

Lisa BrownLisa Brown Tyro
edited June 12 in Feature Requests

Today, when you select multiple videos from the folder screen, you have the option to share, delete or move those videos.

Adding the ability to copy and download here would be a nice feature. I often am asked to help make copies of videos to share into other folders. It would be nice to be able to make the copies without having to go into settings for each video.

also, i have a faculty request to be able to download in bulk.

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Bulk copy is already possible and is available to both Admins and Creators by default since the release of referencing copying. Leaving this open and tracking the bulk download portion of this idea.


  • Request for the teacher creator of an assignments folder to be able to bulk download all uploaded student videos.
    Currently the download function is laborious individual video podcasts. Any teachers with dozens or hundreds of students would find this invaluable! :)
  • I believe admins should have the ability to copy in bulk already, additionally, I believe there is a user permission that allows for bulk options for all users. If my memory serves me correctly, that is something that Panopto Support needs to enable. Just like the V2 Canvas course copy tool, this setting is likely to substantially increase your site footprint. I am holding out hope that we will have a deep-copy option sooner than later to get the best of both worlds where content exists in across a number of folders, but it all feeds back to a source folder/course.

    The bulk download question is interesting. In my mind this should work like an archival step where it provides you with all of the source files (PPT, captions, all Primary/Secondary, UCS info) so it could be reuploaded and work as a native session would. Along with that option, I would like to see the Unison upload workflow recognize these packages. I could also see something where it just gives you the podcast MP4.

  • You don't have the option to copy multiple videos?

    That's apparently limited to Panopto admins but can be enabled by Panopto at the site level.

    Panopto - How to Copy and Move Videos: https://support.panopto.com/s/article/Batch-Copy-and-Move-Videos

    Note: Batch copy is restricted by default to Administrators only because copying sessions affects Usage Hours. If you would like to change this setting to include all users with Creator rights, please contact Panopto Support.

    Bulk (or even individual) downloading would be nice but I don't think they currently have a way to download all the streams and other files (like captions, pdfs, ppts, etc.) which may make up a presentation.

  • I had someone ask for this feature today. Use cases so far would be:

    • Saving videos for long-term storage due to document retention policies
    • Downloading MP4s to upload to another video hosting source for other sharing reasons (student showcase, portfolios).

    Likely other use cases would apply here too.

  • As far as I know we (Admins) are able to bulk copy but not bulk download. This is a great inconvenience. It is cumbersome to download hundreds of videos one at time.

  • We have had several professors request ability to bulk download all of their videos (as MP4s) for use cases described above (save for own individual long-term purposes, reviewing old classes, handing off course to another instructor, use in another hosting service).

    We found on a previous Q&A thread in this forum where Kathryn responded to question of downloading multiple videos:

    "Currently, there is not a bulk download option in Panopto, but this is high on our list of features that we're considering for future development for the reasons that you've outlined in your post."

    So from that answer it sounds like this feature is high on your list but has never been produced. Would love to see it come to fruition.

    In our faculty cases they are asking to download every source separately, just want to be able to batch/bulk download the MP4s that live in a folder.

  • Any progress on this? We just had a workshop on this and the question came up "why don't you use Panopto for your video?" This was cited as the number one reason faculty are avoiding the platform. The like the ease of use it capturing video and are OK hosting their videos in Panopto, but editing, archiving, and updating content is too difficult.

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