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Service Update 2021-04-21

Caitlin McCabeCaitlin McCabe Administrator
edited April 2021 in Release Notes

Service Update 2021-04-21

  • Added the ability to include a table of contents and video transcript when sharing a video via email. By choosing to include this information, users can make their video content searchable via email:

Here's an example of an email that contains a table of contents and transcript: 

For site administrators, the visibility and the default state of this functionality can be enabled via the site-setting: "Table of contents and transcript in share emails" :

  • The Zoom integration now imports closed captioning data if it is created at the time of the recording.
  • The ability to clear quiz results is now available to all customers and is turned on by default. Please refer to step 3.6 of the following Support article: How to Add a Quiz to a Video. Note: This functionality can be disabled via the site setting: "Show clear quiz results button."
  • Fixed an issue where joining a Panopto Capture recording from a Panopto for Windows recorder could lead to the recording failing to publish.
  • Fixed a rare issue where media packaging could fail to publish due to an error during media packaging.
  • Fixed an issue where notification emails to the administrators of Zoom or Webex Meetings import integrations were not sent correctly if the address field had whitespaces or line breaks in its setting UI.
  • Updated behavior on the mobile remote control page for remote recorders, where if the user was not signed in, they were redirected to the sign-in page. Previously, we only showed an error message indicating that the user needed to be signed in.
  • Fixed an issue where the Zoom Integration did not detect the error state, which did not have sufficient user privileges to fully function. The administrators are now notified that they need to reconnect the integration.

Version 10.8

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