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Recording doesnt upload


We've got several recordings that are stuck in upload status for a couple of days,

we can't upload them by ourselves because those files are panopto encrypted.

How can we deal with that? It seems like we can't restart the upload

Thanks in advance, Amiran Bechori


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    If you are on Windows, two things to try, you can try to reset the status in the XML file or try to move the session to another computer. Either way you will need to make some changes in the XML file. If you don't know how to do this, I would reach out to Panopto support. If you are on a mac, make sure that the Panopto recording folder isn't in an iCloud/Google Drive/OneDrive location. If you are on an updated mac recorder, you can try to make a local copy as well.

    On a side note, it looks like there was something in the last release that fixes this if your problem is the same thing we've come across (https://community.panopto.com/discussion/1200/service-update-2021-05-05#latest). We had been trying to track this down for quite some time, but because it happens so infrequently it was difficult to collect information for.

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