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Open Ended Quiz Type

Dear Panopto team,

I am a great fan of the quiz feature for videos as it allows for interactivity between the lesson and the students. What I would love to see is an 'open ended' question type where viewers can respond with there own answers (possibly limited to n characters if necessary). This would open the door to deeper feedback from viewers who could express their thoughts on a topic, share experiences related to a subject, and give their opinions on new material.

Many thanks,


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  • There's definitely a huge potential for expanding quizzes - video interactivity could be an exciting new direction for Panopto...

  • Giving this a quick bump as I also recently had an instructor asking about short answer type quiz questions. Our workaround is having students create a discussion post for their answer to a question, but something like this in the quizzing feature would be great.

  • crickets...

  • KathrynKathryn Administrator

    Hi! Open-ended questions for quizzes are a great idea, and we are considering this feature for the future. At this time, they are not on our short term roadmap though. However, as a workaround, you can use Panopto videos with H5P and Hihaho, and they offer a wider set of question types.

  • The development of the open-ended quiz feature was implied during our institutions "request for proposal" and bidding process. It was a bit of a deal breaker for us, and I expect to see it soon. While some creators use quiz questions to generate a grade (a check that students are reallly watching), others use the quiz questions as a way for students to pause and reflect on the learning. We don't need a grade, we need students to stop and think. This is critical to good pedagogy.

  • Preach, Christopher!

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