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Creator access to Remote Recorder in mobile app

I would greatly appreciate if a user (or users) could be set as a creator when scheduling a session using a remote recorder. With that, if a creator is scheduled to record a session they should be given timely access to control (start early, pause, stop, or extend) the current recording from the mobile apps/web only in the window that session is scheduled.

Giving instructors lasting access to control a room that they might be teaching in/might need to control in the future is too much access and is generally a non-starter.

This would also segue nicely into showing who will be presenting in a scheduled webcast on the waiting page.

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    Assuming the API endpoints exist (which is clearly not a safe bet), in theory you could write an app to programmatically grant a presenter rights to a Remote Recorder and then revoke them on a schedule but that would be a pain.

    Your idea makes a lot more sense. When you are scheduling a recording, if you could also set the presenter (so they could also be the owner of the recording) then we could also (optionally) grant them creator rights during ONLY those scheduled recording times so they can start early, pause, resume, stop, or extend the recording.

    I really like that idea. This would also really help when thinking about implementing content retention policies as the professors would actually own that content and be responsible for it themselves. Currently I own a frightening amount of that stuff!

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