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Add LaTeX to quiz options

Several faculty have expressed an interest in using LaTeX for quiz questions.

Currently this is not possible.

The obvious extension of that would be allowing students to use LaTeX for their responses.

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  • If Panopto could support LaTeX, open responses, retakes (without clearing all results), and a limited number of views per viewer I would be much more willing to promote quizzing. Right now, there are just too many "gotchas" that most faculty are not willing to deal with. Those that can have generally liked the feature, but there have also been a few conversations where the above are non-starters. The new feature coming in v11 (to warn students if a quiz is linked to an LMS assignment, but they are viewing elsewhere) tells me that Panopto isn't just ignoring quizzing, but there is still a good bit of room for growth.

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