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SOAP API to Read List of Recorders not working

Hi Panopto Support Team,

I am writing a java client which consumes the Panopto's SOAP APIs. My Objective is to

  1. Read the available recorders
  2. Read the corresponding Scheduled sessions for a specific Recorder.
  3. Update the Scheduled Session(Start date or End Date)
  4. Delete or cancel a session.
  5. Stop/Pause a session

I have generated the authCode as authCode = SHA1(UserKey + "@" + domainName.ToLower() + "|" + applicationKey.ToLower())

UserKey = username; applicationKey=Provider ID from Identity Provider Page And tried below Functionalities,

  1. Read the available recorders : Using IRemoteRecorderManagement.listRecorders -> there is no error and it's not reading the available recorder also.
  2. Read the corresponding Scheduled sessions for a specific Recorder(Using the API:ISessionManagement.getSessionsList) : Got the recorder ID from Panopto's WebPage(using browser Developer tool(F12 in Chrome)) and used that recorder ID to read the Scheduled sessions. No error and also No result.
  3. Since Step 2 is not working. Tried reading the sessions only with specific session States in the request : Working. But it's not returning the End Date of a session.
  4. Update the Scheduled Session(Start date or End Date) : Update is working.
  5. Delete or cancel a session : Working
  6. Stop/Pause a session : Is there any API to achieve this?

Recorder is in Disconnected State. is that the reason, the step 1 and 2 not giving result? but Panopto web page is able to read the available recorders. Or do we need any Special Privilege to read the recorders and corresponding Scheduled Sessions.

And what is the API which will give the end date of a session.

is there any API to Stop/Pause a recording?




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    What role is your "username"? Is it a local admin? Have you tried making a new local admin to remove any issues with the provider?

    I'm just wondering if you can edit the schedule because you are the creator of a session, but the other features require you to be a local admin.

    There is an API to pause a recording, but I can't find it's documentation anywhere anymore. It isn't an cloud API, it's a communication directly with the recording PC, such as with the recording lights - https://github.com/Panopto/Panopto-RR-Light-Service-With-Installer/blob/master/PanoptoRRLightService/RemoteRecorderSync.cs#L236

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    Hi Graham,

    Thank you!!

    Now I am able to read the recorders and do update also. Actually when we reconnected the recorder it started working.

    Regarding Pause, we need a SOAP API to do pause. I had a chat with Panopto Support also, they also said there is no pause API documented in API docs.

    I guess the github example which you have provided is using dll files to call pause. Actually we need a SOAP API to do pause.



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    You can't "schedule" a pause, so the other example is directly talking to the Remote Recorder Service in the same way as right-clicking on the service icon by the clock.

    Even the "Record now" that can implement in the SOAP and REST API is just a scheduled recording and you just hope that your remote recorder finds the schedule quickly enough to record straight away (the default setting is to check every 20 seconds).

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    Actually I was searching for a SOAP API to Pause/Stop a Session in "Recording" state.

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    Currently I am achieving the stop by updating the End Time.

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