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Mandatory July Upgrade for Mac

The Panopto notification this morning states that Panopto for Mac must be upgraded to 10.1 or above by July 15th. The current .pkg file is listed for MacOS 10.14 or up. I'm currently on 10.13.x (High Sierra) and I don't plan to upgrade anytime soon. However, my Panopto for Mac is version 7.2. Is the 10.1 July minimum referring to the MacOS or the Panopto for Mac version? If it's the latter, there's no way for me to upgrade the software since the only .pkg file available is for Mojave and up. Will I still be able to use version 7.2?


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    Michael EspeyMichael Espey Superstar
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    The mandatory client upgrade would be referring to the Panopto recording client version, meaning that you would need to upgrade both the recorder version (to 10.1) and your OS (to 10.14+) in order to continue using the software.

    Panopto dropped support for macOS 10.13 with version 10 of the Panopto recorder (https://community.panopto.com/discussion/1023/panopto-for-mac-update-2021-01-21#latest). I assume that this is to align with Apple dropping support for 10.13 back in Dec. 2020. I also wouldn't upgrade to macOS 10.14 at this point as it probably has ~6 months left in support while 10.15 should have more time.

    It is my understanding that you should be able to continue to use Panopto Capture to record on that computer (even on 10.13) as long as you have a supported browser available.


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    Great question!

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    Thanks for the clarification, Michael!

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    @Michael Espey Is there a way to get a download link for a compatible version of Recorder for MacOS 10.13? I've looked into upgrading my Mac to either 10.14 or 10.15, but my Mac Pro is an older model that can't upgrade to either version because of hardware incompatibility. I'd need to upgrade via a third party patch tool and also swap in a flashed gpu since Mojave or Catalina require a metal gpu. I understand Panopto doesn't support the older recorder versions anymore, but I'm willing to continue using it regardless (I recently reinstalled my OS after attempting said patch upgrade with less than optimal results without the metal gpu... I don't have the older Panopto recorder install anymore). I have tested the Capture tool and it does work- however, the Recorder allows for continuous recording in the event of intermittent network issues. I'm unsure if Capture offers the same since it's being recorded to Panopto only and not locally.

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    Capture is supposed to be resilient enough to survive network loss.

    To simulate an outage, try disconnecting from WiFi or pulling your ethernet cable out and see what happens.

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    @Charles Barbour Oh I didn't know that... thanks so much for the information!!!

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    @Charles Barbour (or anyone who may know): Since capture can survive network loss, I'm assuming that there are files being recorded locally during a recording. Do you know the default location within a Mac where they're being recorded to? I know when I used the Panopto for Mac application, I'm able to view and change the local folder destination. More importantly, I was able to delete the local recording folders once the recordings were uploaded to the Panopto course folder. However, there is no setting within the browser Capture version to see or change the local folder destination.

    I took note of my main hard drive's available space before and after a recording using Capture and there's definitely less available space after. I have a secondary SATA drive I use for data and I'd like to keep my primary SSD drive free of data. The recordings from Capture are currently being saved somewhere on my SSD drive and I'd like to delete them (I just can't seem to find out where they are).

    When I reinstalled my operating system, I lost the Panopto for Mac application so unfortunately I can't go back and see where the default local destination folder was. Thanks for everyone's help!

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    KathrynKathryn Administrator

    @Kevin Chan Capture's failsafe recording stores your captured media on the local file system using a database within the web browser. 

    You can read more about it here: https://support.panopto.com/s/article/Learn-about-Failsafe-Recording

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    @Kathryn Thank you so much for that link! Just so I'm understanding the information on that page:

    "As you record using Panopto Capture, the recording is stored locally in your browser’s persistent storage."

    If i'm using Panopto Capture within Chrome, the recording information is being stored within Chrome's data... does this stored data automatically purge from Chrome once the recording has fully uploaded to a Panopto folder?

    "If you clear your browser data, any stored video data will also be removed."

    In this case, is "any stored data" referring to the leftover data that didn't upload successfully to Panopto yet? Or does all Capture data remain in Chrome's browser data even after successful upload, thereby requiring a manual "Clear Browsing Data" action to remove it.

    Apologies for all the questions. You guys are extremely helpful!

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    KathrynKathryn Administrator

    "Any stored data" does refer to leftover data that didn't upload successfully. All data does not remain in Chrome's browser after successful upload. It should be purged.

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    @Kathryn Thank you so much for the clarification. Amazing with the support turnaround!

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